How Do I Join?

When opening a new account an appointment is not necessary but we recommended you schedule one as to avoid a potential long wait, please call us at 071-9145149 or ask at the counter for a appointment time.  It will take about 45 minutes to complete the membership process  and register for online access.

Under the Criminal Justice Act, we require all new members to provide the following documentation when opening an account:

Proof of identity

A current Driver’s Licence or Passport.

If you do not have either of these, please contact us and we can explain alternative forms of identification that are acceptable.

Proof of Residence

A current (dated less than 6 months old) original Bank Statement, Utility Bill, Tax or Social Welfare Document.

Proof of PPS Number

Your PPS number is available from social welfare.  The website address is

If you do not possess any of the above, please contact us directly and we will discuss alternative means of proving the requirements.

You must lodge at least €14.00 in shares to remain a member. There is a once off entry fee of €1 and members are obliged to retain a minimum share balance of €12.70.

To open an Account as Account as a Group / Club / Society

  • To open a Group / Club / Society Account they should supply a copy of their operating rules and a signed mandate by the secretary authorising the number of individuals who may operated the account, particularly those who may make withdrawals.
  • Where a group is a Limited Company, a copy of the articles and memorandum of Association must be supplied as well as a list of Directors and list of signatories of who can authorise transfers.
  • In all cases the basic requirements of Photo ID, proof of address and proof of PPS number for all individuals, who intend to operate such accounts, must be supplied.

Please be aware that our staff are obliged to comply fully with all aspects of the Criminal Justice Act and you will be asked for documentation if you change address or open up a further account.  All transactions, including foreign exchange, are subject to this Act.